fredag 11 oktober 2013

Tasting two anCnoc 'Peter Arkle editions'!

(Originally posted on the anCnoc facebook-page for their Facebook-onlinetasting 20th November 2012. Big thanks to the people at anCnoc for sending me the two samples and the oppurtunity to taste their new products! )

anCnoc Peter Arkle Travel Retail Exclusive (The one to the left)
46% ABV, natural colour, unchill-filtered, ex-bourbon casks

Soft vanilla, pale honey, a handfull of summery flowers and somewhat bitter (or perhaps a ”herby touch” of) elderflowers. A little deeper in the glass some almond icing is hiding, or newly cut hazelnuts…

Oooh, nice mouthfeel! Very much of akacia honey, almond icing, together with a touch of a tad burnt sugar is the first sort of taste combo. warms my chest very nicely! Vanilla icecream with a touch of ginger. Has elements that reminds me of the spirit called ”punsch”. There is a little tiny touch of new spirit but in a good way… the dram first dries my mouth but then waters it, very interesting

anCnoc Peter Arkle Limited Edition #2 (The one to the right)
46% ABV, natural colour, unchill-filtered, ex-bourbon casks and ex-sherry casks

Sweet light milkchocolate, elderflowers again, rasins and a tiny touch of new spirit (poitin), sultana raisins, a touch of rhum-like vanilla, or maybe rhumraisins? Dried figs

Wow, a really powerful oloroso sherry hit! It does not look so sherried on the colour but the taste sure is : ) lot’s of sherry influences such as figs and raisins, really dries the mouth : ) perhaps a bit of fino influence?, arrack and sweet liqourice, kind of ”christmasy” in some way : ) 

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