lördag 12 oktober 2013

anCnoc 35yo 44,3% ABV (Cask strength, non-chill filtered)

I was very fortunate to try this beauty on October 5th 2012 during the Stockholm Beer and Whiskyfestival. The woman in the stand told me that although the bottle says 35yo a majority of the whisky is actually 37yo. According to her it has been matured in a combination of Bourbon- and Finocasks. It is limited to only 1495 bottles out of which the swedish importer got hold of just 6 bottles (!) so again, I was very lucky! This is the oldest bottling released from anCnoc

Starts of with soft touches of citrusfruit or citruspeel at the very front of the nose and at the top of the register so very cesty, orangy sweetnes. Also sweet honey, and veeeeeeery very soft vanilla is hiding beneath the citrus. A faint touch of almondpaste or marzipan, kind of nutty in a good way

Ooooooh, the first taste or stage of the taste is so long! Lots of honeysweetness that is round and litterary caresses the tounge. The honey reminds me of Akacia-honey. Some four to five seconds later the second stage of the taste starts, introducing the dry Fino influence in a very soft manner, very nice dryness. Lots and lots of vanilla. This whisky does not explode of flavours, on the contrary it is calm, beautiful and filled with an unshakable self-confidence. It does not sprawl at all, but just rests in the mouth and on the tounge in a beatiful way. This is very good whisky!

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