söndag 6 oktober 2013

The Teeling Whiskey Co. 'Small Batch - rum finish'

(Originally posted february 11th 2013 on The Teeling Whiskey Co. facebook-page)

This morning I received a "sample" from the Teeling Whiskey Co. (wihooo!) It was their third release simply called 'Teeling Whiskey'. It's a small batch Irish blend that has been finished in rum casks for four months, and non chill filtered at 46% ABV. The bottle and label is absolutely beautiful! Let's find out if it tastes as good as it looks : ) 

Nose: The first things that comes out of the bottle actually is quite "rummy" and raisiny with whiffs of pear. From the glass comes even more of the exotic, say peach, pear again, a soft vanilla, a bit of coconut with traces of grain whiskey, actually a bit like greenore in style but obviously more mature than the 8yo... the strength of the whiskey comes through as a bit of a heat on the nose (be careful when you put your nose in the glass) : ) after it has rested for a while it becomes really soft and sweetness and vanilla are most evident... also some milkchocolate 

Palate: Tasting the whiskey I get loads of sweetness the first few seconds, honey, then moving on into mellow vanilla, the coconut is there, then comes a small dryness moving us into the ruminfluence, it's not hot in this phase but rather a little peppery that sits from the middle of the tounge and forward. If the nose has traces of grain the palate relies more on the malty components in the whiskey, nice aftertaste that boasts of fruity rum and dryness mixed together. Very more-ish. 

Overall this is a great Irish blended whiskey and, from where I'm standing, one of the few sucessful rumfinished whiskeys : ) Congrats to Jack and Alex and big thanks for once again letting me try their whiskey! Please take time to learn more about the story of this whiskey from David Havelins blog Liquidirish.

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