onsdag 6 februari 2019

Revisiting Swedish Distillery Agitator Whiskymakare!

Dear friends, followers and supporters alike! Today I had the great pleasure to spend yet another great day at Swedish distillery Agitator Whiskymakare! If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the article from my first visit, please do now by clicking here, and you will find out what makes Agitator such an interesting and exciting distillery. 

While the activities for my first visit was a bit more decided (getting to know, and helping out with, the production process) the activities of this visit were basically undecided.

Christian, the distillery technician, picked me up at the train station and when we arrived at the distillery Oskar, the master distiller, greeted me welcome while being busy checking the gravity/density of some wash

The first thing that happend next was that Christian and I went into the warehouse to draw a sample from ”my” cask! The cask I call my own is cask no.116; signed by me and one out of six casks that I filled during my first visit. It is a 1st-fill bourbon cask that I filled with the newmake I helped produce during my first visit. The recipe? Well peated of course (30ppm) and is a mix of 58% High Reflux and 42% Low Reflux. The last time I tasted the whisky-to-be it was 7 months old (I was sent a sample to be able to follow the maturation process), and this time around it has reached 9 months old. As you can understand from this video of the sampling, I really, really think it has developed in an incredible way being only 2 months older! So much more mature, with a wonderful vanilla sweetness on the nose, and on the taste some mint, evident polypodium (the liquorice of nature), and earthy/ashy peatyness, wow! After having tasted and analysed the sample we sat around for a while in the ”control room” just having some coffee and chatting about an upcoming project...

All of the sudden Oskars phone rang, a container with casks was just arriving! 

Yay, this was excactly what I was hoping for! The opportunity to really help out with some "daily" chores! 

The container was absolutely stuffed with over 200 casks. Casks made from new american oak with wave staves (räfflad insida). Wave staves gives the liquid more contact with the wood, and hence makes maturation go faster. 

We started emptying it at once! 

Had a half an hour lunch, and then some more work with the casks...

All in all it took the three of us around two hours to get the job done! 

Now that's a job well done!
Mighty tired from moving all the casks, Christian and myself took a stroll around the warehouse sampling some exciting stuff that I will tell you more about in another article. After a while Oskar brought some much needed coffee, much needed indeed. 

Sadly we were getting close to the final minutes of my visit, but before driving back to the train station, I filled a 2nd-fill bourbon cask from an Islay distillery!

The cask comes from a distillery that I happen to like very much! A clue to which distillery it is can be found in this picture

Actually, it turned out that this cask was the first cask of the year to be filled! 

What an honor, and what a great feeling to fill and sign yet another cask at Agitator Whiskymakare!

Well folks, that's it for this time. Big, big thanks to Oskar and Christian for the opportunity to visit once again, I can't wait for the next time! 

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