torsdag 7 december 2017

Peated anCnoc – Peatheart Batch 1 46% ABV!

Dear friends and followers alike! When working the Borlänge Beer and whiskyfestival a couple of weeks ago I passed by the stand of Berntsson Brands to see if there was anything that their Brand Ambassador Martin Tjäder wanted me to review for them, and of course there was, their all new anCnoc Peatheart Batch 1 in which the barley has been peated to 40ppm. Please feel free to read all about it by clicking here

Here in Sweden Peatheart will be launched at the state monopoly tomorrow and you can view the product by clicking here. Ok, let's see what we have here!

Nose: If i start by not nosing the peat itself, I notice first something reminding me of Iron/metal (however not rust), there is also a very interesting mix of cucumber- and limewater. Nosing the peat, it's very much not Islay peat, not very smoky but rather very grassy, ashes and sundried grass. all in all a kind of "watery", slightly hollow, peatyness. The strength does not at all say 46%, on the contrary very calm, still and smooth, no signs of newmake or yeast, so the word I'm looking for is probably mature. Finally, a slight, slight touch of vanilla pods

Wow/Ouch! A lot more peat on the taste than what was on the nose, that's unexpected! Starts off on burnt/sundried Grass and salty (turkish pepper) peat, moves on into ashes with traces of vanilla, moving on again into "green/forest-y gunpowder" as well as fireworks (what some might associate with slight touches of sulphur), and finally in the aftertaste (which is quite long) there is a "herbs-and-spices" kind of medium dryness. What strikes me with the aftertaste is that when the medium dryness has grown and grown for quite a while (say 30-45 seconds) my mouth starts watering and a combination of white-sugar sweetness and vanilla fudge appears and evolves for quite a long time

To sum up:
This is definitely the most mature and "calm" peated anCnoc I've tasted so far (counting in it's big blast of peat in the beginning of the taste contrary to the nose). Given the dryness and very slight touch of vanilla there seems to be quite a lot of 2nd-fill bourbon casks in the mix, which I must say that I like since it really lets the house style of peated anCnoc come to the fore/front of the taste👌Big thanks to the people at Berntson for the chance to review this one and to be able to taste it before its release, Sláinte!

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