onsdag 4 februari 2015

Teeling Whiskey Co. Strong Batch – FOR SWEDEN ONLY!

Friends! I am once again very privileged to be able to try a spankingly new bottling from the folks at The Teeling Whiskey Co. and once again it's something very special. You might remember that I a while back tasted their Small Batch blended rum finished whiskey (if not, please check out my review here). Well, this friday they will release a "strong batch"-version of the small batch. That said, it's the exact same whiskey and composition but in high strength of 52,5% ABV. 

It consists of 1800 bottles, ONLY for Sweden! Please take a look at the press-release (in swedish) here, and do check it out at systembolaget by clicking here. Ok, let's see what we have on the nose!

Not boasting of Rum, rather an emphasis on very creamy vanilla, lots of coconut, there's elderflower in the background. The nose does not evidently scream "over proof/high strength" which I'd say is a good sign, on the contrary, very soft indeed. All in all, the nose is very single malt-y, meaning I can't find any traces on the nose that would suggest this being a blended with high grain ratio. The regular small batch 46% has more grain feeling to it, but here it seems "hidden" in all the wonderful vanilla softness. Great, let's have a taste!

Very soft and vanilla/coconut-y beginning! That first half of a second I truly can't believe it's at 52,5% ABV! It only takes the other half second for all the flavors to, not explode, but certainly develop very fast into something quite citric, but still spicy, almost herb-y. Simply a mix of yellow and green flavours. After a while I get passion fruit very evident on the very tip of my tounge. A great balance between bourbon influence and rum influence in the aftertaste, slowly lingering away to end with definitely rum. Once again, as with the regular small batch, this is one of the few sucessful rum finished whiskeys, at least in my humble opinion (and definitely worth 449kr, that is around €48/$55)

A very big thanks to Jack and the other fellas at The Teeling Whiskey Co. for the chance to try this Sweden-exclusive before being released! Thanks and Sláinte! Please follow SamuelWhisky on Facebook here and on twitter here

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