måndag 16 februari 2015

Laphroaig 14yo – Old Malt Cask/Hunter Laing & Co

A while ago I was once again very lucky to receive a couple of samples from the very nice people at Clydesdale, one of Swedens top importer and seller of whisky. This time around the package contained among other things a sample of a 14yo Laphroaig, a single refill hogshead bottled by Hunter Laing in his series Old Malt Cask at 50% ABV!

Well you all now that I'm a big fan of Laphroaig so it was not hard for me to pick this one for a tasting note :) Ok, let's go!

The thing that's in the very front of the nose is not really ashes but very much soot, soft soot with a great deal of creamy vanilla in it (if that makes any sense…). In combo with the vanilla there's milk chocolate, burnt gun powder, and just a touch of sweet licorice in the distant. This is the kind of nose that I very seldom pick up in an official bottling of Laphroaig, maybe reminds me a bit of the first Cairdeas, but otherwise this style of Laphroaig isn't really to find in the official bottlings. Exciting to see  what the palate is like!

Oh yes, I'd say it's the same here, not really like an official Laphroaig. But it's a very cool version since the sooty stuff is here, and I'd say with an emphasis more on smoke than peat actually. Warming but still very soft, smooth creamy-ness, feels kind of like a 2nd fill or re-fill bourbon barrel, smooth vanilla, a touch of lime and pear… the aftertaste is surprisingly dry, really drying my mouth now… If you want to try a different Laphroaig you should really try and get one of these bottles, unfortunately it's sold out in Sweden but it might still be available for other Laphroaig-fans around the world!

Big thanks to Tina and Thomas at Clydesdale for the opportunity! To all friends and followers, thanks for following also my Facebook-page and my twitter-page!

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