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The Teeling Whiskey Co. 'Hybrid'

(Originally posted december 20th 2012 to the Connemara Clan facebook-group)

Here is my tastingnote of the Hybrid whisk(e)y which is the first bottling from 'The Teeling Whiskey Co.'

As some of you might know the Hybrid is an older version of a whisk(e)y called Celtic nations which was a mix of 85% Bruichladdich malt and 15% peated Cooley malt at the age of 10yo. The Hybrid is sort of an "older brother" consisting of the same composition married together for an additional 8 years, in other words now being 18yo. Limited to only 1200 bottles and at cask strength of 44,1% Abv

Colour: Bright and golden

Ligthly peated in style, fruity aromas, mostly towards citrus or sort of zesty, after it has rested for a while in the glass the whisk(e)y delivers whiffs of lemonpeel that flows though the room of itself. Also quite evident traces of pear and a somewhat strange and "thin" sweetliqourice in the center of the nose... in some elements it resembles Connemara! Sure has some Connemara (peated Cooley) in it : ) Also, something that reminds me just a little bit of the Cooley Poitin mixed with caraway/cumin; the Hybrid has a tale that says "Swedish schnapps"

Wow! Sure has alot of peat on the palate, of course I knew beforehand that it was to be peated but the nose did not reveal that it would be this peated, almost a little peat monster actually! In taste it actually resembles a Laphroaig (say the 10yo but around 46% if there was to be such an expression)... Moving on, alot of peat in the initial taste, some vanilla and honey sweetness and also some rawsugar, but then it's moving on quite quickly indeed to a somewhat dry-/bitter- (herby?) taste. The dryness stays in your mouth for a long time. Quite soothy (sort of ashes) but complemented by a coastal saltyness. This whisk(e)y is rather powerful albeit it's "low" cask strength. this is a really good value whisk(e)y, especially when concidering it's a once-off and very limited!

A big thanks to Jack and Alex of The Teeling Whiskey Co. for giving me the opportunity to try this rare whisk(e)y

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