fredag 18 oktober 2013

Glendronach 21yo ’Parliament’ 48% ABV

I Bought this one at the Systembolaget (state monopoly liquor store)

Starts of very very sweet or almost acidulous in the very top register of the nose, this sweetness reminds me of when you split a dried fig in two. Moves over into almost port-like kind of scents alongside lots and lots of sherry-influences, a wonderful mix of oloroso and pedro ximinez! Also lots of raisin, quite a lot of vanilla. This whisky basically holds every possible scent you would expect from a heavily sherrymatured whisky. Funny enough is that you won’t even notice the strength of 48%, on the contrary it’s very soft and at the same time incredibly deep. Also some cacao in combination of liquercream filled chocolate, mmm!

Wow that’s sweet but also acidulous at the same time, incredibly soft in the beginning of the taste, dark liquid honey in combination with sugar soaked dark berries, mainly biggareaus, and overly ripe morellos (Prunus Avium), also thinking about fresh figs topped with light honey. Something in the palate also reminds me of sweet licorice or possibly the dried root of Polypody (Polypodium vulgare). After a few seconds the sweetness developes even more in my mouth and spreads from the tip of the tounge along the sides where it’s now starting to get just a little bit dry. Now also dark red grapes, raisins, dried figs, and yes, most of the things in the nose turns up in the palate. As said before, does not feel like 48%, and I would really like to try this on in higher strength to get that ooomph your longing for sometimes… finishes of with quite heavy almond paste that after a while gets a bit dry. In total, an amazing dram and such a treat to be able to try this one! Mmm!

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