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Svenska Eldvatten – Bruichladdich 2006 9yo single fresh ex-oloroso sherry hogshead no. 1339!

now isn't that an incredible color?! 
Friends and followers! Once again I am very happy to be able to bring you my impressions of a coming release from swedish independent bottler "Svenska Eldvatten" (Swedish Firewater). This time it's the third release in their anniversary-series with which they are celebrating their first five years! As I've shared with you before my dear friends and followers, every release in the series has a very special and exclusive label showing a motif painted by the well-known artist/painter and whisky-aficionado alike, Petri Jäsperi

This third release was distilled at Bruichladdich Distillery in july 2006 and bottled in january 2016 at 59,9% ABV. The whisky has been matured in fresh ex-oloroso sherry hogshead number 1339, and the cask gave 282 bottles out of which 250 will be released tomorrow at 10 o'clock. People in Sweden can order this bottling by following the instructions given here. Ok, let's see what we they've chosen this time! 


Absolutely enormous and gigantic whiffs of dried figs is the first thing that springs to mind! Or rather, it really is there, there’s simply no way to not notice it or pick it up! I’ve never felt this much dried fig before! There’s also GREAT amounts of vanilla and dark raisins. Dark milk chocolate, coconut, rhum-raisin filled pralines, overripe banana, dark dark dark rhum (almost Diplomatico-style), there’s even something cognac-esque going on here, the list goes on and on… To imagine what this whisky is like, take everything you think of when you think of a heavily sherrymatured whisky, now multiply that at least four times! I’m not kidding! It’s so big. The intereseting thing with this incredibly big sherrynose is that it’s not too much, and it’s not in any way nasty, soo incredibly soft and well-balance. It’s soft on everything, especially the figs, the vanilla and the raisins. In the very top layer is something like lime and brown dark raw-sugar… that’s been covered in sugar So far, I have’nt fealt any peat at all, let’s se if there's any on the palate!

I did not at all expect this! Wow! Bold and very intense, in fact not at all as soft as the nose, this truly is a sherry bomb, with an emphasis on bomb! Starts of with a very, very sweet core or center-flavour, raw-sugar-sweet, mixed up with something very citric. Surrounding all of that is something instantly dry and nutty, something like a sugar coated dough of almond paste with cut-up pieces of dried figs in it. Yes, very, very bold and dry, not so much vanilla though, rather dark-brown fudge. There’s actually also coffee in there, and definitely something resembling the rhum-raisin filled pralines that was on the nose… there is also cocoa and even some desiccated coconut… But the main thing here is and explosion of very DARK sherry! And what about the peat?! Well it’s barely there actually. If it is there it’s in the aftertaste, but just traces of peat (not smoke). Anyways, the aftertaste goes on and on and on and… I think you get the picture… 

To sum up:
I’ve never felt this much sherry-influence before in a whisky, at least not this intence, this must’ve really been a really fresh sherry hogshead indeed. The guys at Svenska Eldvatten sure knows how to pick ’em, impressive work! Big thanks for the opportunity fellas! Sláinte! 

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