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A peated trio from anCnoc!

Friends! As you might remember it was not that very long ago since I reviewed the ’tushkar’ from the newly released peated range of anCnoc. Now if you never did read that post please check it out here to see what I thougth about the ’tushkar’ and please also take part of an interesting post on the whole range and some story behind it here.

Now it sure is time to try the other two, namely ’rutter’ and ’flaughter’ and do a small comparison with tushkar. Okey, I will taste these three peated anCnocs’ more or less comparing them ”at the same time” (going from glass to glass) rather than seperating them from each other, if you see what I mean… J

So, starting of with the nose of the rutter it does seem a bit younger than the other two (although it probably isn’t…) and has a lot of liquorice in it… quickly nosing the other two it seems to me that the flaughter is the ”most mature” or maybe it’s just more balanced? Peat-wise on the nose the rutter and the flaughter are quite alike in profile indeed, both are very damp; wet stones, a moist kind of peaty-ness and quite forrest-y, but the flaughter has a bit more salt in the peat and is a bit more closed… picking up the glass with the tushkar I do find it to be a lot softer on the peat than the other two, which is quite strange indeed (since it’s supposed to be the peatiest of the three) but that might depend on the fact that the samplebottle has been half-full since the first time I tasted the tushkar. The tushkar also by far has a lot (yes a lot) more vanilla on the nose than the other two… there is also something a bit fire-y on the nose of the tushkar when you manage to get beneath the peat-layer Okey, let’s have a sip!

Starting of with the rutter is a very pleasent surprise peat-wise, not at all damp and ”moist” as on the nose but rather a fair part of saltyness and at least a fair part of punsch/attack, not very dry but still dry, which could mean medium dry ;) a mix of sweet liquorice and milkchocolate in the distant aftertaste. Moving on to the palate of the flaughter we have… (tasting…) mmm! Very nice, a lot more saltyness! Mmm, very nice, not nessecarily peatier but the saltyness might make it seem that way… the milkchocolate is not there in the same way, but overall definitely more of everything and thicker mouthfeel compared to the rutter. moving on to tushkar I get… oh yeah! This is a boosted version of the previous for sure, more of everything, more salt, more peat, and oooh! I actually get someting I’ve never felt before in a whisky, vanilla infused with coconut milk! Or maybe it’s the other way around… very good!

To sum up:  
Wow, I really have a nice mix of different peat-styles on the aftertaste now… beautiful and such a treat to be able to compare these three side by side. As you know by now the tushkar is exclusive to the swedish market, which is a treat in itself, but if you ever do get the chance to compare all three, don’t miss out!

Swedish fans actually will be able to compare all three since rutter and flaughter were released at the monopoly store today (although in very limited quantities), so do check it out here and here! A big thanks to David at Berntson for sharing these samples to me during the Gothenburg Beer and Whisky festival! Sláinte!

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