torsdag 1 maj 2014

’Svenska Eldvatten’ – West Islay 2003 Heavily Peated

Okay friends and followers! It’s finally time for me to try the coming release from ’Svenska Eldvatten’ (Swedish Firewaters)! Once again Peter and Tommy were very nice and gave me yet another sample, this time I met them when working for Laphroaig during the Gothenburg Beer and Whiskyfestival.

This whisky, which will be released in Sweden tomorrow at the state monopoly, is very special: It’s a ”West Islay” Heavily Peated Single Malt Single Rhum Cask. Hmm, I wonder… what might ”West Islay” be? And Heavily Peated?, hmm…. ; ) Anyway this is a 10yo and this is fully-matured in a rhum cask. The number of the cask is 882 and it gave 120 bottles and landed at 60,8% ABV! Sounds exciting right?! Let’s try!

Very peaty! and smoky actually (which is something I rarely think about peated whiskies)! Vanilla is also very evident, but of the peat and the vanilla the peat is definitely in the foreground. Burnt wood mixed with rhum-raisin-vanilla-ice cream comes just after that when I nose closer to the glass… We also have whiffs of citrus, not really clementine but rather satsumas-peel. It does not seem that strong on the alcohol but 60,8% ABV should be a real punch on the palate, when I get there that is, cause I could nose this one forever J Actually I’d say, when I think about it that there is a real struggle going on here between the peat and the rhum. I haven’t really tried any fully rhum-matured peated whiskies so this will be exciting, ok, let’s go!

Serioulsly guys, this is so d*mn good!! A very salty peat actually, but still soft if you know what I mean, soft vanilla almost vanilla and whipped cream… I would say that the rhum-influence in this whisky really takes it’s time to appear (which in my opinion can be a quite good thing). The mouthfeel really makes my mouth water A LOT for the, say, first five to six seconds but then it gets dry quite fast, not overly dry. On the aftertaste, which builds up slowly we have rhum-soaked raisins and a quite burnt peaty-ness. Waiting it out the peat is there the longest. Very special this one!

A big thanks once again to Peter and Tommy for the sample! Their whiskies and rhums are available at Master of Malt.

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