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Peated AnCnoc – ’tushkar’ 15ppm, 46% ABV

Ok friends and followers, it’s time for something really exciting, cause today I will try one of the three new peated whiskies from AnCnoc! Here in Sweden AnCnocs peaty side was unveiled on the 8th of April in Stockholm.

The three whiskies are named after traditional peat-cutting tools, namely ’rutter’, ’flaughter’ and finally ’tushkar’. Now what is so special about them (besides the fact that AnCnoc normally don’t release their peated stock of whisky) is that the ppm stated on each version is measssured after maturation. So, from what I understand, 15ppm after maturation should mean about 45ppm in the malt before destillation.

As you understand, these three whiskies are NAS (no age statements) but as far as I have learned the youngest whisky in the compositions are 8yo. They have been matured in bourbon casks.

Now, ’tushkar’ which I will try today was released exclusively for Sweden a couple of days ago. ’rutter’ and ’flaughter’ which I will try later on is available basically worldwide and can be ordered for example from hereA big thanks to David of Berntson Brands for the sample which I received during the Gothenburg Beer and Whisky festival! Ok, let’s go!

OMG it’s spooky! This really resembles Connemara (the only peated Irish whiskey)! The profile of the peat is soo similar I can’t belive I’m not nosing a Connemara. The peat is quite ”green” if you know what I mean, almost forest-like. There is also some excotic fruits such as passion-fruit but mainly going towards summer apples and in some way flambéed lemon slices (lemon zest). The peat is soft and tempting. Now, from what I know Connemara is 15-20ppm before maturation and as I wrote AnCnoc ’tushkar’ is supposed to be 15ppm after maturation so, even though they are completely different whiskies, AnCnoc ’tushkar’ should have a bigger peat on the mouth which could be really nice so let’s try it! J

Oh yeah! There is a really big peat here friends. Especially compared to the what the nose promised. It’s not at all as soft on the peat on the palate as it was on the nose! This is really good! Don’t expect any island or sea salty-ness though, there is some salty-ness but mixed up with quite some touches of cacao, also in that sense reminding me of Connemara. The citric elements on the nose does not really follow through on the palate but the ”green” influences and the kind of forest/earthyness does. Really nice peaty-ness here friends and a good complement to the Islay-esque whiskies in your cabinets!

To sum up:
Well done fellas of the AnCnoc distillery, and well done also to release a whisky exclusive to Sweden! A big thanks again to David for the sample! Sláinte!

p.s I just compared ’tushkar’ to the Connemara Original and they really do resemble each other in character, tushkar is more peaty on the palate though and Connemara is more forest-y, round and soft in the peat…

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