fredag 16 maj 2014

Kilchoman ’Loch Gorm’ (Batch 2 – 2014) 46% ABV

Friends! Yesterday something really nice happened to SamuelWhisky! A package of no less than seven samples arrived in my mail-box. The package was sent from from Clydesdale which is one of Swedens top importer and seller of whisk(e)y (and more beverages). I’m very honoured to be able to taste and to review such quality whiskies as those of the Clydesdale portfolio consisting of brands such as Berry Bross & Rudd, Blackadder/Blackadder Raw Cask, Douglas Laing & Co. to name just a few.

Today I will taste another brand that Clydesdale take care of, namely Kilchoman and their 2nd release of the ’Loch Gorm’! It has enjoyed it’s full maturation in fresh Oloroso sherry butts as stated on the Kilchoman website. It was distilled in 2009 and bottled in 2014. It is available basically world wide and was released in the beginning of April. 

For Swedish fans it will be available on the 2nd of June at the state monopoly, so you can probably imagine that it’s once again a great feeling to try a whisky such as this one before it hits the market (at least in Sweden). Okey, let’s try it! J

The peat is in the center, and oooh, believe me this is a really kind of ”farmy” style of peat. Not ”rough” peat but very sort of out there, I’d really describe it as smoky (wet logs on the fire) and it is not often or in many peated style whiskies that I refer to peat as being smoky, but this one sure is! With regards to sherry influence on the nose, I wouldn’t really say that it is extreme, it isn’t really at the center of the attention, but maybe it’s reasonable to think that this should make an appearence more on the palate (?) On the contrary to sherry influence I’d say that we have more stuff on the bourbon side of things, something citrusy, very very acidulous in the very highest register and continuing on into a very salt fragrance… There is of course a touch of alcohol there (sort of like in matured de luxe tequila) but not as much as you could expect from a five year old… all in all on the nose, intriguing!

Ooooh, very very very smoky and peppery style of peat! but before that, on the very tip of the tounge, we actually get some really salty influences indeed, almost salt licorice or even in combo with sea salt. The sherry influences I wouldn’t really say appear, at least not in terms of dried figs or raisins or so, but if it is there it is there in terms of something chocolate-ish. After the salt we do move on into a bit of rubber/burnt rubber and leather, how leather may taste I don’t know ; ) Anyway, the combo of rubber/leather/smoke soon becomes medium-dry in the mouthfeel, and yet again I’d say we are on the bourbon side of things, such as quite dry lemon-peel… The things going on in my mouth when I taste this one is really nice, the developement is quite intriguing and I have a hard time accepting that this is only five years old! And when it comes to the smoke style of peat, this is a real cracker!

Once again, a big thanks to the nice people at Clydesdale for sending me this sample! Sláinte!

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  1. Seem very very peaty and smoky... Probably too much for me :)

  2. Hey Pierre!

    yes, it was very smoky I'd say, but you would probably like it :)