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Caperdonich 21yo Single Cask – Doulgas Laing 'Old Particular'

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It's time for me to once again try a sample sent to me by the nice people of Clydesdaleone of Swedens top importer and seller of whisk(e)y! This time I will try a 21 year old Caperdonich bottled by Douglas Laing & Co. in their series called 'Old Particular'. This is the first Caperdonich I try and from what I understand the distillery was closed in 2002! 

The whisky is from a single refill bourbon hogshead and the number of the cask is DL10282 and it gave 276 bottles at 51,5% ABV. The cask was laid down in October 1992 and bottled in March 2014 so it sure is a recent release. 

For swedish fans it will be available on the 2nd of June at the state monopoly (number 84389)! 

Really rich and fat, creamy, soft and mature, you can really feel that this is an oldie! We have sort of dried slices of apple slowly slowly boiled in sugar syrup or something like that. But the apples have almost no acidity. Hardly nothing in the ”citrus-sphere” for being a bourbon hogshead… but rather only soft things such as vanilla and there is also traces of banana candy and peach candy. Incredibly soft in the background we find pistachio crème (the filling that is sometimes in cinnamon buns) and honey. Let me tell you friends, this is a real treat on the nose!

Mmm! Such a treat also on the palate! Those of you who happen to have around €150 just lying around your house, don’t miss this one!! It’s so soft, and it really does caress the tounge… Starts of on dark honey, moving on into a kind of mix of the sugary-syrup-boiled apple slices and some kind of soft liquorice. The pistachio creme is there, so is a really soft lemon marmelade. Green marzipan is mingling with whipped vanilla cream. On the finish we happen to have just a zip of really soft coffee beans dipped in quite milky (light) milk choclate… I don’t think I’ve tasted such a soft whisky before, there isn’t a trace of alcohol-sting on the nose nor the palate, absolutely beautiful composition!

A big thanks once again goes to the nice people at Clydesdale for the oppurtunity to try this beautiful whisky!

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