tisdag 4 februari 2014

Tasting an absolutely new release from 'Svenska Eldvatten'

Vintage 1994 54,5% ABV

Following the success of the very special release Vintage 1979 Single Cask Blended Scotch, here comes once again another very special release and quite rare composition of whisky from 'Svenska Eldvatten' (Swedish firewaters)! Their latest bottling of whisky is a Single cask of blended malt scotch, and it's sherry matured! As you all now blended malt (used to be called vatted malt and) means that at least two malts from separate distilleries are mixed together. In this case, as far as I have heard, malt whisky from six distilleries have been used for this composition, and here comes the quite rare part, were blended together "at birth", that is at filling (!) The vatting has then be matured for nine years in a sherry butt with the number #SE02. It was filled in August 1994 and the whisky was then bottled in October 2013 and gave 619 bottles. 

A big thanks to Peter and Tommy for being so kind to share a sample during the Linköping Whisky Expo! For swedish fans this bottling is available here. Ok, let's try it and see if this is as good as SE-bottlings usually are...

Almost some kind of rhum-y vibes, or rhum-raisin, in combo with vanilla ice-cream... hmm... also there is... apple-pie and vanilla cream. I'm thinking also of baked apples and pistachio crème (the filling in cinnamon buns). What is this, am I nosing some kind of dessert or fika?! : ) Also there is actually, when I nose really deep in the glass, some quite salty licorice infused with lemon, cool. Also red "ferrari bilar", light touches of swedish snus and finally white chocolate, no I'm not crazy it just a VERY interesting combination! Let's see how it tastes

Starts of on something salty, then fast over to chocolate-chip-cookies and then swooosh, within a second off and away to something lemony, citrus peel. Straight down and warms my chest. Wow, that was a fast journey! It's to bad that once you've tasted a whisky you can never go back to your first experience of not having tried it, you can never forget you first impression... Mmm, the aftertaste bids creamy but quite dry vanilla, the rhum-raisin is there and somehow the pistachio crème too, sugary finish. This whisky was a completely new experience for me, very interesting and exciting combinations! You've done it againg guys! Slainthé

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