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Connemara 'Turf Mór'

(Originally posted november 21st 2010, to the Connemara Clan facebook-group) 

Once again I recieved a sample from the nice people at Cooley! The sample contained ”Connemara Turf Mor 58,2% Abv” which is the 2nd whiskey from Connemara to be released in their ”Small batch collection” (circa 20.000 bottles) during November. The malt is peated to more than 50ppm according to my sources but some unofficial sources say between 53-58ppm. The Turf Mor will be available in the UK, Benelux, Germany and Ireland (but probably not Sweden) so the rest of us will have to purchase it in online stores. I compared this to the regular ”Connemara CS 57,9% Abv” which should be about the same age, and the peatiness is A LOT bigger in the ”Turf Mor”.

Color: Light goldish

Nose: A beautiful nose spreads throughout the room! Some really nice summery flower tones as always in Connemara. There’s a lot of citrus fruit-like scents (satsumas) and some acrid orangepeel tones and also some really nice touches of melon (honey, gailia) white chocolate and soft vanilla. Quite some watermelon as well. Also som cherry (yes the berry), some vanilla pod, light traces of cinnamon. The peat is kind of rubby-ish and also makes me think of bluecheese such as saint agur. The peatiness is very big and surrounds all of these beautiful smells but at the same time the peat is very light and nice. There is also som discrete touches of brown sugar, dates and figs which indicate finishing time in sherry casks.

Palate: Oh damn! Really nice. Starts of really creamy and soft for like half a second but then, BOOM! Some really citric, fresh, herby and flowery peatiness which really brings back the bluecheese and rubber from the nose. The dryness calms down but there is still an intensive peatiness clinging on that almost burns my tounge and brings heat to my mouth. After some time has passed the creamy vanilla tones interact with the citric, and my mouth is watering. The hints of sherry casks from the nose return also on the palate (quite late) when brown sugar, figs and sultan raisins pop up and say hello.

To sum up and return to the comparison to the regular Connemara CS, The ”Turf Mor” is not as bold and ”out there” concerning the citric and flowery tones, but represents a more mature and creamy (and peatier) version of Connemara (although it’s some three years). Both the CS and the Turf Mor are really great Connemaras but also VERY different from each other

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